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Independence is the dominating feature of a true professional.

The company was built on the basis of a set of intrinsic principles and values that give us a unique identity.  

These principles and values have a social scope and a permanence that transcend personal interests. Also, they are a part of the criteria which are the yardsticks of our work.

We believe that all successful companies share certain values. We cannot speak for other companies but we can firmly claim that the principles and values in which we believe have left their mark on our company’s way of thinking since its foundation and continue to guide us today.

These persisting values dictate the company’s approach to every internal or external problem that we’re confronted with and include:

Integrity - individual as well as institutional – in the relationships with courts, the syndic judge, creditors, debtors and any other people that are at some point related to the insolvency procedure. 

A feeling of personal responsibility for every decision, court ruling and action in the name of the companies in insolvency procedure or of our own company.

A level of competence that is marked by creativity and determination, and which is increased by a continuous professional development. Competence determines the quality and value of our distinctive services.

Dedication for the work carried out and an intensity of effort that distinguish us from other people in the field.

Independence, courage and discipline in decision making. These make us remain determined in the most difficult of circumstances, and the insolvency procedure does not lack such situations.

Determination to offer quality services with real efficiency, in an organized structure that can facilitate, not stop, reaching our objectives.

A true group and scope unity.

The success of this company in a relatively short time span was reached thanks to our adherence to these principles as individuals, and as an entity which takes its collective obligations seriously. At the same time, the way in which these principles are applied insures the development of the company. 

Looking at things from another perspective we can say that we are a company with a long term vision. All the decisions are made according to the company’s best long term interests and never according to the way in which external media or other observers evaluate us at a given time. We march to our own drumbeat.

We appreciate that the long term success of the company, not that of a certain individual or group, must be the one that governs all the decisions we make.

We do not believe that the performances of a company are based solely on its turnover, a most common criterion today. Instead, the impression we make determines our success.

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