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Expertise you can rely on

A. Our company manages large scale procedures with extremely complex economical, as well as legal, social etc. problems. Our efficiency and professionalism are mirrored in the impression made on the market regarding the services we offered. This is why we can say that, although the attributions of the official receiver/trustee in bankruptcy are clearly stated in the Insolvency Law and are set in a certain framework, through the accumulated experience and through continuous training of our team members, SOLVENDI manages to offer services that bear a strong personal mark. Our services are defined by a high level of professionalism, promptitude, swiftness and efficiency.

B. The main services offered by our company in insolvency procedures carried out on the grounds of the provisions of Law no. 85/2006 can be summed up as follows:
> examining the debtor’s activity and drawing up a detailed report on the causes and circumstances that led to the state of insolvency;
> supervising the management operations of the debtor’s assets;
> full or partial lead over the debtor’s activity;
> drawing up a plan for the reorganization of the debtor’s activity;
> careful supervision of the implementation of the reorganization plan and swift intervention when the situation requires it;
> drawing up evaluation reports on the debtor’s assets in order to elaborate the reorganization plan or to liquidate them in case of bankruptcy;
> capitalization of the assets within our own marketing system in order to maximize their value;
> recovering the debtor’s accounts receivable within a highly organized and efficient system;
> new solutions regarding aggregate sales, merger as a component of the reorganization plan or issuing securities within the insolvency procedure;

C. The services offered by our company in the case of the liquidation procedure under the conditions of Law no. 31/1990 regarding companies, republished with amendments, concern mainly:
> taking over the management of the company immediately after the appointing;
> drawing up the inventory and the opening balance sheet of the liquidation procedure;
> drawing up the environmental balance sheet;
> capitalization of the debtor’s immovable and movable assets under the conditions provided by Law no. 31/1990 regarding companies.

The optimum accomplishment of these services is possible thanks to our staff which has vast experience in the field, our own adequate logistics and thanks to a team that is always looking for performance and new challenges.

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