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Convocare AGC - Art Crystal SRL
Convocare AGC - Sawa SA
Convocare AGC - Societatea Fililala ,,Icemenerg - Service ' SA
Convocare AGC - TIM SA
Convocare AGC - Asociatia Club Sportiv ,,Fotbal Club Municipal Turda'
Convocare ACC - TIM SA
Convocare AGA - Anthuzea SRL

SOLVENDI, as official receiver/trustee in bankruptcy offers a wide array of movable and immovable assets mostly in Cluj County or the neighbouring counties.

The sales are made under the specific conditions provided by the Insolvency Law, mainly through calls for tenders. Exceptionally, according to the type of assets on sale, the capitalization can be made through direct negotiation or within a special aggregate sale procedure.
We would like to underline the fact that, thanks to the specifics of the insolvency procedure, which, among others, requires the swift capitalization of the debtor’s assets, the sales are made at competitive prices.

The managed portfolio includes various assets, ranging from buildings and lands to business premises, flats, farming and industrial equipment, technical equipment, cars, trucks, trailers, merchandise stocks, furniture, inventory items etc

Imobil - teren si constructii - Alba Iulia - Grup 4 Instalatii Sa
Laptop - Samanati SRL
Imobil- Brasov- Com Nico Serv SRL
Imobil Bucuresti- Șoseaua Chitila- Com Nico Serv SRL
Imobil Bucuresti-Ciorogârla- Com Nico Serv SRL
Proprietate imobiliară – București, Iuliu Maniu- Com Nico Serv SRL
Proprietate Imobiliara Cluj - Napoca, Str. Cantonului - Sawa Metal SA
Bunuri mobile-masini utilaje si echipamente pt prelucrarea metalelor si echipamente anexe
Imobil, constructii,masini utilaje, stocuri de materii prime - Transimont SRL
Imobil - teren - Cluj - Napoca - Grup 4 Instalatii SA
Bunuri mobile - Serv Construct Network SRL
Imobilului constând în două parcele de teren, Baciu - Grup 4 Instalatii SA
Proprietatea imobiliara in Bistrita - Nasaud - TIM SA
Bunuri mobile - Sawa SA
Bunuri imobile - parcari - Dora Mall SRL
Bunuri mobile - Cafe Lux SRL
4 Apartamente extratabulare
Bunuri mobile - TIM SA
Bunuri mobile de natura mijloacelor fixe - Art Crystal SRL
Instalatii tehnice, aparatura - Tra Pro Mec SRL
Bunuri mobile - Icemenerg Service SRL
Construcții industriale și teren
Teren intravilan Dej 1641mp - Aviatrans SRL
Constructii - str Traian Vuia, Cluj-Napoca - Aviatrans
Bunuri mobile constand in instalatii tehnice - Space Group SRL
Bunuri mobile: instalatii tehnice-Jump Solutions
Bunuri Mobile - Grup 4 Instalații SA
Bază de producție situată în Vulcan, jud. Hunedoara - TIM SA
1 Apartament si 2 apartamente unite situat în Petroșani, jud. Hunedoara - TIM SA
Proprietati imobile jud. Cluj - TIM SA
Proprietate imobiliară situată în Bărabănt, str. A.I Cuza nr. 31, jud. Alba - TIM SA
Imobil situat in Mihai Viteazu - Art Crystal SRL
Echipamente tehnologice, mijloace de transport si Birotica - Mayer Pane Baciu SRL
Imobilizari corporale in curs - Mayer Pane Baciu SRL
Hotel Cristian: amenajat la standard de 2 stele - Eunicia Rotiserie SRL

For details regarding the above mentioned assets or to request information about other assets you can contact one of our marketing representatives:

Contact person:

T: +40 727 37 91 54
F: +40 364 14 65 15
E: emilian.niculcea @

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